Realize the Impact Of Your Job

 Last Night I sat down to ponder over the “Impact of my Job” 

I was confused & ignited to put pressure on my mind blog.

 It was then I realized the IMPACT OF MY JOB 

My job compels me to Initiate, 

It produces and pushes beyond nine hours unknowingly

 It keeps me focused throughout my day, 

While leaping into new direction and creativity I

t build and advances my occupation ,

 Filling my day with direction and diversity, 

Overflowing with innovative ideas 

Each day causing me to embrace each day new Possibilities

 My Job provides my quest for change and improvement

 Allowing direction,creativity and flexibility.

 My job reaches beyond income and provide essence

 Building self worth While igniting my Imagination

 It was after that moment I realized the Impact of my Job 

Its  not just a Job It has  not just  provided a carreer for me

 But It has provided a passion to this newbie………………. 


~ by mateenation on March 13, 2008.

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